Monday, February 8, 2010

Flannel Sheets

Who knew?

I never would have guessed they would be such a big deal. Never. I also never would have guessed by having a pair on my bed that my children would hop in and snuggle way more than they ever did before. Nap even with me.

Is has been funny and amazing.

My Beloved and I chatted and decided we would get them each a pair. I had gone to Kohls to look a week or so ago and found nothing. This week when I went (super duper sale on) I asked a sales lady and she showed me where they were. On clearance (did a little dance right then and there). :)

Anyhow, with some dear gift card money I grabbed both Kiersten and Isaiah their own pair of flannel sheets. They were a steal, let me tell you. I know get over the deal already!

I just wasn’t able to get them washed right away that night I bought them. I did the next day but they weren’t going to be dry until an hour after bedtime and I was in no mood to let them stay up later. Needed Mom time, if you know what I mean. (My Beloved had been gone all day and wouldn’t be home for a few more hours yet.)

So the next morning, before we have left for church Isaiah asks me about the sheets. I open the dryer to show him there they are just waiting for me to put them on your bed. I am no sooner home from church (I stay later than the rest of the family to help in the kids’ area for second service) and am still eating my lunch when he asks me if I put the sheets on his bed yet. I had to reply no once again with the promise that before he went to bed that night I would have them on.

They were sooooo funny that night in their beds. They snuggled in nice and deep. Isaiah at one point had his hands behind his head looking like a dude sleeping with the covers up to his chin. :) He didn’t stay that way for long as his arms must have gotten cold and he curled into a ball.

Can I just say that next morning was the first time in a long time Isaiah did not wake up around 6ish to come bother me? The older ones both slept in until 7:30ish and Katie woke up a bit before them, but not much. Sleeping in was bliss let me tell you. The sheets would have paid for themselves alone for the extra few minutes of rest in bed they afforded me. Being on clearance now is the added bonus! :)

(And Mom, I have pictures…they’ll be in my next post – promise. I love you!)


mamabear said...

Kids bring so much joy--simple joy, don't they? Sweet post!

Margie said...

What a cute story! Love those kiddos of yours.

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