Thursday, February 18, 2010

What They've Been Up To : Kiersten

This will be a much overdue update about each of the kiddos. I suppose we’ll start from the top and work our way down.

Kiersten is doing well in school. Math is still an issue…but I think a switch in programs might be in order for next year. There is a huge amount of repetition in problem types and not just a few but 10 or so on each sheet day after day and that just wears on her (And then she wears on me. It is a vicious cycle!).

She is now doing a home school gym class through the local YMCA on Friday afternoons. This session is gymnastics and she loves it. : ) I am thankful for the VERY affordable opportunity to have something of this nature. There are some things you just cannot teach your children at home…like team sports without a team! (I know gymnastics isn’t a team sport per se, but last time all the activities were team oriented.)

She is getting to be such a big girl. And by that I just mean she is growing up. The little ladyness shows through more than little girly type things. Not sure if that makes sense. Anyhow, she is still dancing and loves that. It is a bit sad this season as I don’t get to watch. Katie is just too little to sit still and be quiet for the 45 minutes of class. Since you don’t know Miss Jean you have no idea how much that matters and how much trouble I would get in if we disrupted class.

Back to Kiersten. She has grown into a fondness for reading that tickles me. She has always had daily assigned reading of her own but lately she has been getting ‘sucked’ into the story and asks if she can read ahead. : ) She is a girl after her mother’s heart.

She also loves any type of art project you throw her way. It is her thing. We haven't done art the way we meant to when school started but that has been a result of doing art during math (all over the sheet). So it became a matter of choice for her and since art couldn't stay where it belonged we have dropped it a bit by the way side. She has however had the opportunity to be a part of an art club that meets once a month for 3 1/2 hours. Wasn't sure she would last that long but it turns out she was more worried about not having enough time versus it being too much time!

So that is what Kiersten’s been up to and how she’s doing!

I didn’t realize the amount I had to share…and so I think I’ll write about Isaiah tomorrow and Katie the next day. We’ll give them each their moment. Hope that is all right with you!

Oh, and as a side note there have been no recent bed jumping incidents (well, at least not on hers!) to report.


mamabear said...

Bob Jones Math doesn't do a lot of repetition on daily assignments. If a child needs extra repetition for a certain concept, you have to purchase extra materials or use their on-line materials. I really like the program. He hasn't memorized his addition and subtraction facts to 20 yet, but that isn't because of the math program--more that we need to be more consistent with the flash cards and timed tests.

The extra opportunities you're giving her sound wonderful! We just got a tax credit and will sign the boys up for a homeschool gym class that sounds very similar to Kiersten's. My kids love art. The art classes I know of are a long drive, and I have the two little ones to consider, and Daniel's anxiety thing going on about being separated. That will hopefully resolve before his third-grade year. I am also considering purchasing an art curriculum for next year.

You'll have enough kiddos for team sports soon enough. A family of six can play three on three.

Beautiful post!

My boys just started their own blogs. I signed them up so that the web crawler won't pick up the blogs, so that strangers can't visit. I thought about asking my blog buddies with eight year olds if they would be interested in having our kids visit each other's blogs and leave comments. So far, the boys are just taking pictures and putting them on their blogs, and writing a quick sentence underneath. Next week, Daniel wants to write his own version of a fairy tale. Do you think Kiersten would be interested in something like this? I was very surprised at how well the boys learned the blogger thing.

Margie said...

Ahh Jess, I love Kiersten's smile! Sure do miss your kiddos. We will have to find a weekend and have your family over...what is your schedule like?

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