Friday, February 19, 2010

What They’ve Been Up To : Isaiah

My Isaiah boy, oh is he ever so much boy! He is not one to sit still or sit nicely. He is constantly seen upside down with feet in the air on the couch…kicking and bumping into whoever is blessed to be close by. He also does these tumbling summersaults, always upside down. Not sure what the upside thing is about but it has definitely become his trademark. What a nut.

Isaiah is no longer a little boy. He has thinned out considerably and gotten taller. And those eyelashes! Sweet mother of mercy that child is blessed with some gorgeous eyes as a result. Yes, I am a sucker for his boyish good looks and sweet smile.

He is learning to read and I am not teaching him. He just wants to know and is asking questions and figuring things out himself. Isaiah is one of those kids who doesn’t say much but is taking much in. He thinks on things for a time and then it all comes out and you are a bit taken aback at what has been going on in his mind that he wasn’t sharing. I am hoping this summer (or sooner if I can get my act together) I can spend a significant amount of time with him on the reading.

One of his favorite things is to get mail, in particular Puzzlebuzz from Highlights. That is what you see him working on in the picture above. Two magazines come together about every 4 weeks or so. When they do arrive there isn’t a moment lost. He tears them open and does almost every page in both books that first day. He simply wants to finish them all in one day and shows amazing patience and interest to sit for as long as he does to accomplish that goal.

Another fun thing about Isaiah is he has been introduced to fun socks and adores them. He has 3 pairs now. When he gets a new pair or a pair gets cleaned he has them on for 48 hours or so. It takes serious negotiating to get him to take them off so I can wash them. This has tickled me as in my younger days fun socks were so a trademark of mine. I received many a pair as a gift. I still like fun socks…but not the same kind of fun socks. It is funny to have him love them and know that I wasn’t the one who started him in that direction. I haven’t given him a single pair.

So that is what our Biggest Man has been up to. Just being a growing boy who loves being a boy.

Next up is Katie Girl and I might wait until Sunday to share on her. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Have a blessed day.


mamabear said...

I was just finishing a quick post and saw your comment. We do have them working on keyboarding. My husband found a website for it so we wouldn't have to buy any software. I think it is, but I'm not sure. I'll ask him later. It will probably be a good six months to learn the keyboard, if they have the discipline to keep at it. I remember keyboarding being one of the technology standards for second grade--at least back in California, so I thought we may as well get started.

I am going to take every precaution that the boys' websites don't get published anywhere. I won't be putting them on my blog.

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