Monday, April 13, 2009

A BIG First for the Biggest Man

Just a quick little update on the no diaper situation for Isaiah. Well, would you believe that since that very first night we took away his diaper he has had not-a-one accident?! I have to say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised (make that very pleasantly surprised). Anyhow, today, just a few short days after turning 4, the Biggest Man did something he hasn't yet done....... he went and made business on the toilet without any prompting!!!

Every night before bed he goes potty and then we make him sit until he makes business. Then it is on to the usual bedtime routine of brushing teeth and story time. He usually sits for 20 minutes or so. Although lately he seems to have caught on and has gone much faster. So I was thrilled when I went to check on what shenanigans he was up to in the bathroom this afternoon(usually there is a puddle of water around the sink as he guiltily shuts the water off when I open the door) and found him on the toilet announcing he had made business! Does it get any better than that? :)


Becca L. said...

Way to go Mr. I! May there be many more mornings of no "surprises" for your dear mama!

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