Thursday, April 2, 2009

Priceless....well, almost

Isaiah had a first last night. His first time going to bed in big boy underwear. It was time and he kind of forced our hand. You see, he uses his diaper to his advantage. He is fully aware of when it is on and what that means. The other day he took a nap in our bed with me and my beloved was worried so we put a diaper on him. He had slept rather long and when I went to wake him up he was already up standing beside our bed. He had purposely stayed in our room so that while he had his diaper on he could do some business, if you know what I mean. Then yesterday morning he did the same type of thing. He woke up, stood beside his bed and then made potty in his diaper. Only it didn't remain there - all down his legs, his get the picture. So we decided we would take the plunge and have him go to bed in big boy underwear.

He did wonderful! There was no accident awaiting me when I woke up. Well, almost no accident. I'm getting there. I came upstairs to get Katie and noticed their bedroom light was on. Isaiah was already up and at em. I saw his jammies were a little crooked and asked if he had made potties on the toilet already. He replied he had. Since he has some issues with getting clothes back on right I thought to check. He had his jammie pants on backwards...but his underwear, oh dear! First, they were inside out. Then he had his waist through one of the leg holes. Boys underwear are no where near as elastic in the legs as girls, don't ask why, so they were rather tight. Even on his little waist. As I am taking them off....well, there was a surprise waiting for me I hadn't smelled.

So it was almost a perfect first night in big boy underwear. I was proud of him nonetheless. It does boggle the mind though how he could go into the bathroom, climb on the toilet, go potty, get dressed and then go back in his room to do business in his underwear when he was just on the toilet. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. (Although the picture of how he put his underwear back that was priceless!)


Margie said...

I had to stop using pull ups at night with Ainsley too. If I left her in them she would potty in them in the morning and stay in the bed playing. I switched her to underpants and she hasn't had a night time accident since. Too funny about putting the underpants on wrong. I had a few of those episodes with Aidan as well.

momma's heart said...

Timmy is five and still doesn't straighten out the waistband on his underwear, or snap his jeans after pulling them up. I have to admit, I will treasure the memory of him walking around with his pants falling down all the time, seemingly oblivious. Cute post!

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