Friday, April 24, 2009

I Apologize in Advance

But I simply had to share this one. Keep in mind it is Friday, I am tired and things can be more funny when one is tired.

So my story. Kiersten came out of the bathroom just a little bit ago with her 'report' of business. (We have struggled several times with Kiersten over the making of 'business', as we sometimes call it, on the toilet. As a result she will tell us when she goes and will give details beyond that. I know, I know. A little yucky and a bit too much information.) She comes back to the table and says, "Mom, I made two big ones and a little pile of nerds."

Then Isaiah mimics, "A pile of nerds."

I wasn't originally going to correct her but when he repeated it I just had to. But alas as I am saying, "No honey, it isn't a pile of nerds. It is a pile of (burst out laughing) turds."

It was simply too much for me to spit out without losing it. Completely juvenile, second grade humor, I know. But like I already mentioned I am tired today. It has given me little fits of giggles ever since and I just thought it too preciously funny to not share. Hope it made you giggle too! Happy Friday & Blessings to you. :)


Margie said...

Too funny Jess! See you Sunday.

momma's heart said...

Daniel, at seven, still announces when he needs to go to the bathroom, as if he's asking for permission. It drives me nuts. I guess he doesn't want to completely give up the attention these needs get the first four to five years of life.

I sure needed that sweet note you left on my blog. I've been so grumpy lately (tired mostly) and really needed that encouragement. I think we need to find more blogs about families with more kids than two. I don't think life is quite the same - at all - for smaller families. The chaos level just can't compare. Statistically though, there are few mutiple-children families out there. (I know you want to have four, eventually.) Having someone who really understands means a lot, doesn't it?

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