Thursday, April 9, 2009

Temptation & School Activities

Well (picking up from thoughts on previous post), we just have to start off with how tempted I was to take a snap shot of Isaiah and his underwear! For the most part he comes back out of the bathroom and gets assistance getting redressed. When he doesn't it is always a surprise to see how he did. Just the other day he had put them on exactly right...except for the waist through the leg hole problem. I could tell we had a problem because the Lightning McQueen picture (clearly seen above his pants in the back :) ) was askew. So I took off his pants and he immediately said, "I'm naked!" (it comes out more like, "I'm neck-ed!") The waist band was so large around his leg and was just 'flappin' in the wind which in turn made him feel naked. Oh was I tempted to take a picture before I put things to rights. I came to the conclusion it was mean....but catch me on another day and I might not be so compassionate! So funny.

On to school things. There are just a few pictures of the kids doing 'school' projects. One was dying eggs. It was a 'developmental' project, but I think I would chalk it up as an art project myself. The kids' really enjoyed seeing the eggs turn these beautiful colors. Wasn't so sure if we should do this one as we are constantly battling what the REAL meaning of Easter is. This was a first for us. So to offset all the egg/bunny stuff we have been doing the Resurrection Eggs. Two every day to walk the kids' through the meaning of Easter - Jesus death and (praise God) his resurrection.

Another project, or rather science experiment, was making parachutes. Isaiah absolutely loves science experiment time, which falls each Friday. He doesn't do school with us but the experiments he is all over. :) Here each one is modelling their parachute and their chosen passenger. :)


momma's heart said...

In California, I often listened to the Family Life radio show. I remember hearing about resurrection eggs. Thanks for the link. I'll have to find out if I can get their radio show here.

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