Friday, April 10, 2009

A Beautiful Celebration of Miss Linda

I had not written about Miss Linda again after mentioning my initial shock and disappointment at her decline in health. She went to be with Jesus this past Sunday, April 5th. I really wanted to wait until after attending her funeral to say something about this wonderful woman who seriously loved Jesus.

See, the neat thing, at least in mind, about Linda's situation is she had time and foresight to prepare for death. The funeral was wonderful - if funerals are allowed to be classified as such. Linda had made these Mary Engelbreit bookmarks for people to take home. There were these absolutely gorgeous recipe cards, scrapbook style, of a famous candy that she made as well as a CD(perhaps DVD, not sure) of a singing/dance number of Linda and her Golden Ladies that they made at her birthday party in March. It was just neat.

You know a funeral is going to be 'good' when you see on the program Music video of Linda and her Golden Ladies! This made several girlfriends and I fall to pieces. One of them asked if I would do the same for them when it came time. All I could say was count me in! Those ladies rocked the house.

Anyhow, to get pack on topic. The program also made mention that Linda had prepared a taped message she wanted played. It was awesome. The woman gave her testimony and all glory to God in a way only she could do. She wasn't the flowery worded type - more of the tell it like it is type. And boy, did she tell it. Even though it was sad day it was also joy filled. She was still there giving us her sass (as Miss Becca and Miss Margie would say) and using her good sense of humor to tell her 'life story'.

I walked away completely blessed and feeling that today, Good Friday, couldn't have been a better day to celebrate the life of Miss Linda.


momma's heart said...

You describe it beautifully. Praise God for her! I'm sorry for your loss, Jess.

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