Monday, April 13, 2009

A Family Affair

This weekend was all about family for us. Isaiah turned 4 and we celebrated with just the 5 us on Saturday. Then on Sunday we combined an Easter dinner with an extended family birthday celebration.

The Biggest Man had a wonderful day. He started it out by opening his singing birthday card (played the itsy bitsy spider - which we sing at bedtime along with a little tickling :)). He adores these cards. Then he opened a gift from Grandma Darlene and Grandpa Denys. So cute he is.

We decided to give him just their gift in the morning and then wait until much later in the day to give him our gift. We have found that he is easily overwhelmed with multiple gifts. He simply wants to play with everything at once and has no idea where to begin. He was more than busy with that racer all morning long. He thought having a controller was just the hottest thing. And watching him use it....oh, so funny. The controller only has two buttons - forward and reverse. It naturally turns it wheels when backing up. Anyhow, he would be pushing a button and turning his body (like that is what made the car turn) it looked like he was trying to do the twist! So little boy.

Did I tell you what he wanted for his birthday? At first it was just bideo (when spoken by an adult that would be video :)) game. But then he wizened up and thought why not combine my two favorite things and ask for that? So it became a Hot Wheels bideo game. We passed on the video game as he has sooooo many more years where he can get into that and he has lots of Hot Wheels cars and we thought let's do something different.

So we got him -

a Geotrax Grand Central Station. This came with a train that also had a controller so he was in Big Man heaven! It is one of those type of toys that you can add on to. There are so many other little things you can buy to make a little city almost (did I mention this makes him easy to buy for at Christmas time?). It is neat because the train works just like a cog rail - we actually rode on a real one a few summers ago going up Pikes Peak. It means nothing to Isaiah, of course, but to my Beloved and I, we found that to be cool.

Then Sunday we celebrated Jesus and His resurrection. We went to church as a family! (A first in the 4 years we've lived here. Someone always seems to be sick on Easter Sunday and my Beloved and I have taken turns going with whichever children were well.) It was a blessing to sit, the 5 us, together through the whole celebration. Here are the 3 troublemakers showing off their 'get-ups'. As is customary only 2 of the 3 smiled and looked at the camera- aren't you so thankful they came up with digital cameras?

After church my Beloved slaved in the kitchen preparing an Easter feast. And a feast it was! That man can do wonders for the holiday meals. I couldn't be more thankful to give over my kitchen. For our feast we had some family over. The kids played and played. They were inside, outside, upstairs and all over enjoying their cousins and their cousins' new puppy (which remained out of doors). It was a good time of food, fellowship and birthday cake. What a wonderful weekend and how joyous a celebration of Isaiah's life and Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Hope yours was a blessed Easter too!


momma's heart said...

My boys love geo train stuff. We add on every year. They never get tired of it. Great choice! Glad you had a wonderful celebration.

Margie said...

Love all the pictures and I am so happy that the Big Man had such a nice birthday. I will call you later this week as I have a treat for you!

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